Episode 7: Getting Medieval on the Saxon Christ

You thought keeping track of all the relationships in Game of Thrones was complicated? Just wait till you hear about the relationships between Gregory the Great, the monastery at Jarrow, the oldest copy of the Vulgate translation of the Bible, the Anglo-Saxon missionaries to the continent, Charlemagne’s campaign against the Saxons, the secret runes of the evangelists, and how the bird came to sit on the shoulder of the Peace-Child of God at his baptism.

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Father of us, the sons of men,
You are in the high heavenly kingdom,
Blessed be Your name in every word.
May Your mighty kingdom come.
May Your will be done over all this world—
just the same on earth as it is up there
in the high heavenly kingdom.
Give us support each day, good Chieftain,
Your holy help, and pardon us, Protector of Heaven,
our many crimes, just as we do to other human beings.
Do not let evil little creatures lead us off
to do their will, as we deserve,
but help us against all evil deeds. 
The Heliand, trans. G. Ronald Murphy, SJ


Jerome’s Three Translations of the Psalms
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